Blueberry Growing Stages

Blueberries growing stages

Blueberry bushes produce delicious fruit that birds, animals, and people love. The blueberry bush can live up to 50 years if taken care of, so plant one where it can stay for that long. Here is what you need to know about blueberry growth stages.  Important Blueberry Facts Scientific Name  Vaccinium (the second word varies … Read more

The Best Fertilizer for Blueberries in 2024

best fertilizer for blueberries

Blueberries are a delicious and nutritious food. Taking care of your blueberry bush requires fertilizing it. Here is the best way to keep your blueberry bush healthy and productive.  Why Fertilize Blueberries? Blueberries are heavy feeders year after year. Soil becomes depleted of nutrients faster than they are replaced. If you do not fertilize your … Read more