Growing Lettuce Indoors – How to Grow Lettuce Indoors?

how to grow lettuce indoors?

Whether you enjoy a fresh salad or crisp greens on top of a sandwich, there’s nothing quite like growing your own lettuce. While most people think of planting lettuce in an outdoor garden, you can also grow lettuce indoors! Growing indoors allows you to enjoy homegrown salads, even if you don’t have access to an … Read more

What Nutrients to Use for Hydroponic Lettuce?

lettuce hydroponic nutrients

There are few vegetables as widely loved and easy to use as lettuce. However, growing lettuce isn’t always as easy as eating it. Hot and cold temperatures, heavy rains, and poor soil have led some people to explore growing lettuce hydroponically. This method involves growing lettuce in a nutrient solution rather than in the ground. … Read more

Lettuce Companion Plants – The 10 Best and 5 Worst Plants

Lettuce companion plants

Lettuce’s simple growth form and flexibility in the kitchen makes it a must-have garden crop. Another thing that’s great about lettuce is that it plays nicely with lots of other crops. By interplanting lettuce with other types of plants, you can increase soil diversity, attract beneficial insects, and help prevent disease. Read on to learn … Read more

How to Grow Romaine Lettuce? In-depth Guide from Our Experts

How to grow romaine lettuce?

Romaine lettuce, also known as cos lettuce, is known for its crunchy midrib and upright growth habit. It’s frequently used in Caesar and tossed salads but can also be thrown on the grill! Along with being a delicious addition to the kitchen, it’s also a popular lettuce to grow at home. In my experience, romaine … Read more

Lettuce Light Requirements – How Much Sun or Grow Light Does Lettuce Need?

Lettuce light requirements - How much sun or grow lights does lettuce need?

If you want to grow lettuce plants at home, providing them with the right amount and type of light is key. This is true regardless of whether you’re growing lettuce indoors or outdoors. Over the years, I’ve grown hundreds of lettuce plants both indoors and out. And I’ve learned a thing or two about how … Read more

7 Lettuce Growing Stages with Pictures

Lettuce Growing Stages

Whether you’re interested in growing a mixed blend of baby lettuces, a few heads of romaine, or a tender bibb lettuce head, I find it’s helpful to know the different lettuce growing stages. Understanding how lettuce goes from seed to a full lettuce head can help you determine whether or not your lettuce is on … Read more

Lettuce Spacing – How Far Apart to Plant Lettuce?

how far apart to plant lettuce?

One of my favorite things about growing lettuce is the seemingly endless variation. There’s dense and crunchy romaine, delicate bibb, and beautiful red leaf lettuce. Therefore, it’s often hard to just pick one or two varieties to grow. If you find yourself looking to grow a dozen different types of lettuce or plant enough romaine … Read more

When and How to Harvest Romaine Lettuce?

when and how to harvest romaine lettuce?

Whether you enjoy it in Caesar salads, as a lettuce wrap, or as a burger topping, romaine lettuce is a must-have in the kitchen and garden. Fortunately, this crunchy lettuce is relatively easy to grow, as long as you know how to properly care for it. With that said, there’s nothing more disappointing than spending … Read more

Can You Eat Bolted Lettuce? (+2 of My Favorite Recipes)

Can You Eat Bolted Lettuce?

Plants respond to stress just like humans. Bolting is one way that plants signal distress. When a plant bolts, it means that it is growing rapidly and bolting up to its flowering stage. Bolting is how a plant protects its own survival by going to seed to secure the next generation.  Many things can stress … Read more