How to Grow Early Girl Tomatoes

early girl tomato

Tomatoes are a popular plant to grow and come in thousands of different varieties. If you are interested in growing Early Girl tomatoes, this guide will tell you everything you need to know.  Quick Growing Guide for the Early Girl Tomato   Plant Type: Indeterminate  Resistant to: Fusarium Wilt 1, Fusarium Wilt 2, Root Knot Nematode, … Read more

How to Grow Celebrity Tomatoes

celebrity tomato

Tomatoes are grown by more people worldwide than any other vegetable. For forty years, Celebrity tomatoes were the standard that all other tomato varieties were measured against. While some recent hybrids have surpassed it, this is still a great tomato to grow. This guide will tell you everything you need to know to decide if … Read more

How to Grow Heirloom Tomatoes

How to Grow Heirloom Tomatoes?

I’ve noticed that if people have only one item growing in their gardens, it’s often a tomato plant. And for good reason! The flavor, color, and texture of a freshly-picked tomato pales in comparison to a mealy and dull tomato purchased from the grocery store. This is especially true when you’re talking about heirloom tomatoes! … Read more

Berkeley Tie Dye Tomato – How to Grow Berkeley Tie Dye Tomato

Berkeley Tie Dye Tomatoes

If you’re looking for an heirloom tomato that’s just as beautiful as it is delicious, check out the Berkeley Tie Dye. This red and green striped tomato is one of my favorite varieties due to its bold yet balanced flavor and exquisite coloring. While there’s no denying this tomato is a winner, it’s often difficult … Read more

How to Grow Tomatoes – The Ultimate Guide

how to grow tomatoes

Tomatoes (Solanum lycopersicum) are grown by more gardeners than any other fruit. Tomatoes are native to Central and South America. They were domesticated in Mexico and there are many wild varieties still in existence. I have grown tomatoes for many years and these are the things you need to know to get your own tasty tomatoes. … Read more

German Johnson Tomato – How to Grow German Johnson Tomatoes

German Johnson Tomato

When you realize that tomatoes include much more than mealy red slices slopped on sandwiches or bland cherry tomatoes tossed into salads, the world becomes a lot more exciting. But then you realize there are hundreds of different tomato varieties to choose from…and you only have so much room in your garden. If you’re looking … Read more

15 of My Favorite Heirloom Tomato Varieties in 2024

best heirloom tomato varieties

When it comes time to plant tomatoes, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by all your options! Just grab a few seed catalogs, tally the number of tomato varieties available, and you’ll see there are hundreds of different options to choose from. Heirloom tomatoes offer astounding diversity in color, shape, size, taste, and texture—which I think … Read more

Tiny Tim Tomato – Growing Tiny Tim Tomatoes

Tiny Tim Tomato

Tomato plants typically require at least a few square feet of garden space or at least a sizable pot on a patio. However, if you’re dealing with limited space, you can still grow tomatoes! Tiny Tim tomato plants max out around a foot tall, which makes them perfect for small patios, tabletops, and window boxes. … Read more

Black Cherry Tomato – Growing Black Cherry Tomatoes

growing black cherry tomatoes

You’ve probably seen red and orange cherry tomatoes, and maybe even pink and yellow varieties. But have you heard of Black Cherry tomatoes? Black Cherry refers to the dark color of the fruits, but it is also a unique cherry tomato variety. These tomatoes are not truly black, but rather dark and dusky purplish-red. I … Read more

Sungold Tomato – How to Grow Sungold Tomatoes

growing sungold tomatoes

It seems that almost everyone loves the little orange tomatoes known as Sungolds. Give a Sungold to a toddler who has never tasted tomatoes, and they may exclaim they have a new favorite food. Hand a Sungold to a self-described tomato connoisseur and watch as they come back for more. Convince a picky adolescent to … Read more

How to Grow Cherry Tomatoes

how to grow cherry tomatoes

One of the moments I look forward to every summer is picking and eating the year’s first cherry tomato. The sweet and tart flavor, the perfectly snackable size, the juicy texture that bursts in your mouth—what’s not to love about these little tomatoes? I’ve found that I’m not the only one who finds these fruits … Read more

11 Best Cherry Tomato Varieties to Grow in 2024

best cherry tomato varieties

One of my favorite things about growing tomatoes is the diversity present within the crop. Along with large slicing tomatoes, I also like to grow a few different types of small cherry tomatoes. While all cherry tomato plants produce smaller fruits, you can find a big variation between varieties. Fruit color, growth habit, fruit size, … Read more

Determinate vs Indeterminate Tomatoes – What’s My Choice?

determinate vs indeterminate tomatoes

If you’re trying to decide what type of tomatoes you should grow, you may run across the words determinate and indeterminate. These two terms refer to a tomato plant’s growth habit. While you may think tomato size or color is the most important factor to look for when you’re choosing which tomato varieties to grow, … Read more

21 of My Favorite Indeterminate Tomato Varieties in 2024

Indeterminate tomato varieties

If you want to plant a single tomato plant and harvest fruits throughout the summer, you want to look at indeterminate tomatoes. Fortunately, there are all sorts of indeterminate tomato varieties, including heirlooms, hybrids, slicers, and cherries. Over the years, I’ve come to love many different indeterminate types. I always plant a few delicious and … Read more

How to Identify, Treat, and Prevent Common Tomato Diseases – The Ultimate Guide

Common tomato diseases

Tomatoes taste better right out of the garden.  Unfortunately, a lot can grow wrong from seed to mouth.  Here is a guide to the most common tomato diseases to help you have a wonderful harvest. I’ve written an in-depth guide on how to grow tomatoes that you might want to check out! Caused by Fungal … Read more

19 of My Favorite Determinate Tomato Varieties in 2024

Determinate tomato varieties

When it comes time to choose a tomato to plant in your garden, the choices can be overwhelming. Red, pink, yellow, big, small, round, oblong, determinate, indeterminate…the list goes on! As I thumb through seed catalogs, I sometimes wonder how I’m supposed to pick what tomato varieties to grow. One way to limit your list … Read more

Can You Use Sevin on Tomato Plants? (with How to Use)

Can You Use Sevin on Tomato Plants?

Tomatoes are delicious. Unfortunately, many pests like to eat tomato plants and tomatoes. These pests can make it hard to get vine-ripened tomatoes from your plants. To get rid of these pests, you may wonder, “Can you use Sevin on Tomato Plants?”  Sevin® is a pesticide with the active ingredient carbaryl. Bayer produces several forms … Read more

Why Are My Tomato Leaves Curling? – Causes, Prevention and Treatment

tomato leaves curling

While tomatoes are some of the best tasting items to come out of the garden, these plants are susceptible to their fair share of issues. One common symptom of a larger issue is curling leaves. If you’ve noticed your tomato leaves are curling, you’re not alone! I’ve seen my fair share of curled tomato leaves … Read more

Why Are My Tomato Leaves Turning Yellow? – Causes, Prevention and Treatment

Tomato plant leaves turning yellow

One of the best parts of summer is picking a ripe tomato and eating it seconds later, only a few feet away from where it was picked. When the fruit at the peak of ripeness and still warm from the sun, the flavor bursts in my mouth, and juice drips down my chin. While these … Read more

Growing Tomatoes in Pots – How to Grow Tomatoes in Pots?

How to grow tomatoes in pots?

Tomatoes are one of the most popular vegetables people grow. They are the most popular vegetable in the United States. You can grow tomatoes even if you do not have a yard to plant them in. Tomato plants grow well in containers.  Best Tomatoes To Grow In Pots Tomatoes come in two varieties. Indeterminate tomato … Read more

Lettuce Light Requirements – How Much Sun or Grow Light Does Lettuce Need?

Lettuce light requirements - How much sun or grow lights does lettuce need?

If you want to grow lettuce plants at home, providing them with the right amount and type of light is key. This is true regardless of whether you’re growing lettuce indoors or outdoors. Over the years, I’ve grown hundreds of lettuce plants both indoors and out. And I’ve learned a thing or two about how … Read more

Cucumber Plant Light Requirements – Sunlight and Artificial Lights

Cucumber Light Requirements

Cucumbers are a popular vegetable to grow. Sometimes it is hard to know how much sun a cucumber plant needs.   How Much Light Do Cucumber Plants Need? The amount of light differs inside and outside.  Outside – Cucumber Sun Requirements Cucumbers need at least six hours of sun and will grow much better with … Read more

How Many Cucumbers Per Plant? – Depending on the Varieties

how many cucumbers per plant?

Cucumbers are very tasty and nutritious. Many people grow them in their garden or in containers. You may wonder how many plants you will need to plant to have enough cucumbers.  How Many Cucumbers Does One Plant Produce? Each cucumber vine is a little different, but the average slicing cucumber has ten to fifteen cucumbers … Read more

Watering Cucumber Plants – How to Water a Cucumber Plant?

watering cucumber plant

Cucumber plants are very thirsty plants. Therefore, proper watering is crucial to getting lots of tasty cucumbers.  How Often Do I Water Cucumber Plants? Cucumber plants growing in the ground should be watered once or twice a week. Cucumber plants in containers should be watered several times a week to keep the soil evenly moist. … Read more

Cucumber Plant Spacing – How Far Apart to Plant Cucumbers?

cucumber plant spacing

Cucumbers are a popular vegetable to grow. Start your cucumbers off right by spacing the vines far enough apart. How far apart to plant cucumbers? If you choose not to use a trellis, it’s recommended to plant your cucumber vines three feet apart. For bush-type vines, leave three feet between rows, while for vining cucumbers, … Read more

7 Lettuce Growing Stages with Pictures

Lettuce Growing Stages

Whether you’re interested in growing a mixed blend of baby lettuces, a few heads of romaine, or a tender bibb lettuce head, I find it’s helpful to know the different lettuce growing stages. Understanding how lettuce goes from seed to a full lettuce head can help you determine whether or not your lettuce is on … Read more

Overwatered Tomato Plant – What Happens and How to Fix It?

overwatered tomato plant

Tomatoes are grown by more people than any other vegetable. Millions of people put months of effort into growing juicy, flavorful tomatoes. Sometimes people love their tomato plants so much they kill them with kindness.  Can You Overwater a Tomato Plant?  Yes, you can definitely overwater a tomato plant. Tomato plants should be watered every … Read more

Blossom End Rot In Tomatoes ( Causes, Treatment, and Prevention)

blossom end rot in tomatoes

Tomatoes are one of the most-grown vegetables in the United States. I have found that there are lots of things that can go wrong between planting your tomato plant and eating your tomatoes. This guide explains what blossom end rot is and how to prevent it. What Is Blossom End Rot in Tomatoes?  Blossom end … Read more

Cucumber Plant Stages – The Growing Stages of a Cucumber

Cucumber plant stages

Cucumbers are a popular warm-season vegetable to grow. Cucumber plants go through different stages when growing. Each stage needs slightly different amounts of water and fertilizer to grow optimally. This guide will discuss the stages of a cucumber plant and what care the plant needs at each stage.  Cucumber Plant Stages Here are the seven … Read more

Lettuce Spacing – How Far Apart to Plant Lettuce?

how far apart to plant lettuce?

One of my favorite things about growing lettuce is the seemingly endless variation. There’s dense and crunchy romaine, delicate bibb, and beautiful red leaf lettuce. Therefore, it’s often hard to just pick one or two varieties to grow. If you find yourself looking to grow a dozen different types of lettuce or plant enough romaine … Read more

Overwatered Cucumber Plant – What Happens and How to Fix It?

overwatered cucumber plant

Cucumbers are easy to grow. Sometimes, though, people give their cucumber plants so much love that they make them sick. This guide discusses what happens when a cucumber plant is overwatered.  Can You Overwater A Cucumber Plant? Yes, you can overwater a cucumber plant. Cucumbers need 1-2 inches of water a week. Providing more water … Read more

Why Do My Tomato Leaves Have White Spots?

White Spots on Tomato Leaves

Finding a problem with your tomatoes can be frustrating. Some problems are easy to solve, while others mean you need to destroy the plant. This guide will help you diagnose white spots on your tomato leaves.  Top 6 Reasons for White Spots on Tomato Leaves There are several problems that cause white spots on leaves. … Read more

Why Are My Tomato Seedlings Leggy?

leggy tomato seedlings

Tomato plants are fun and easy to grow. There are some things to be careful about when growing them. This guide talks about leggy tomatoes, how to avoid them, and how to deal with them.  Leggy Tomato Seedlings Versus Normal Tomato Seedlings Tomato seedlings should be short and stocky. Seedlings should have the diameter of … Read more

When and How to Harvest Romaine Lettuce?

when and how to harvest romaine lettuce?

Whether you enjoy it in Caesar salads, as a lettuce wrap, or as a burger topping, romaine lettuce is a must-have in the kitchen and garden. Fortunately, this crunchy lettuce is relatively easy to grow, as long as you know how to properly care for it. With that said, there’s nothing more disappointing than spending … Read more

Why Are My Tomato Leaves Turning Brown? 

tomato leaves turning brown

Tomatoes are a popular vegetable to grow at home. Occasionally, tomato plants have problems. This guide will talk about what causes brown leaves on tomatoes, what to do about it, and how to prevent brown leaves.  Top 9 Reasons My Tomato Leaves Turning Brown There are many reasons the leaves on a tomato plant will … Read more

Why Are My Cucumbers Yellow? (Causes and Prevention)

why are my cucumbers yellow?

Cucumbers are a popular vegetable to grow. They taste great and are good for you. Every once in a while, however, cucumbers have problems while growing. This guide will explain why your cucumber is yellow and what to do about it.  Why Are My Cucumbers Yellow? Yellow cucumbers happen for five possible reasons. What Do … Read more

How Do I Get Rid Of Aphids On My Tomato Plants?

aphids on tomato plants

Lots of people grow tomatoes because homegrown tomatoes taste better than store-bought ones. Tomatoes are easy to grow in pots or in the ground but do have some pest problems. This guide will tell you all about aphids and how to get rid of them.  How Do I Get Rid Of Aphids On My Tomato … Read more

How Much Sun Do Tomatoes Need?

how much sun do tomatoes need?

The best tomatoes are homegrown. If you are considering growing your own tomatoes, you may wonder how much sunlight to give them. This guide explains how much sun tomato plants need.  How Much Sun Do Tomato Plants Need?  Tomatoes need to be planted in full sun. They need at least six hours of sunlight a … Read more

When and How to Harvest Turnips?

When to harvest turnips?

Turnips are one of the first cultivated crops in history. Turnips are easy to grow and a good part of a healthy diet. Here is when and how to harvest turnips.  Varieties of Turnips  Turnips can be grown for their greens, their roots, or both. Here are the most common varieties for each use.  For … Read more

When And How To Harvest Beets? ( With My Video)

when to harvest beets?

Beets grow well in the spring and fall. They are grown for both greens and roots. This guide will tell you when to harvest the greens and the roots for optimal flavor.  Types Of Beets  There are two general types of beets. Sugar beets are grown industrially to be used as cattle feed and processed … Read more

Tomato Plant Spacing – How Far Apart to Plant Tomatoes?

How far apart to plant tomatoes?

Tomatoes are a very popular vegetable to grow. Home-grown tomatoes taste much better than store-bought tomatoes. If you are going to grow tomatoes, you need to start off right by spacing the plants properly.  Why Is Spacing Important?  If you space your tomatoes properly, it will give each tomato plant the resources to grow large … Read more

Best Pumpkin and Squash Fertilizer – 9 Best Fertilizers for Pumpkins and Squash

best pumpkin fertilizer

Pumpkins mean fall in North America. I plant my pumpkin vines in the summer, so the pumpkins are ready for Halloween. Like many vegetables, pumpkins are considered heavy feeders. I can tell you from experience that without enough fertilizer, your pumpkin vines won’t produce nice pumpkins. You may wonder, “What is the best pumpkin fertilizer?”  … Read more

5 Best Cucumber Fertilizers in 2024

best cucumber fertilizer

Cucumbers are good for you and easy to grow. Every vegetable garden should have a cucumber vine or two. If you are growing cucumbers in your garden, you may wonder, What is the best cucumber fertilizer? I have found cucumber fertilizers change depending on soil type and the growing stage the cucumber is in. Finding … Read more

Can You Eat Bolted Lettuce? (+2 of My Favorite Recipes)

Can You Eat Bolted Lettuce?

Plants respond to stress just like humans. Bolting is one way that plants signal distress. When a plant bolts, it means that it is growing rapidly and bolting up to its flowering stage. Bolting is how a plant protects its own survival by going to seed to secure the next generation.  Many things can stress … Read more

Best Potato Fertilizer – The 7 Best Fertilizers for Potatoes

best potato fertilizer

Potatoes originated in Central and South America in the Andes. They come in a variety of colors and sizes. Potatoes are easily grown in the home garden from pieces of seed potatoes. If you are considering growing potatoes, you may be wondering, “What is the best fertilizer for potatoes?”  With so many fertilizers out there, … Read more

7 Best Tomato Fertilizers in 2024

best tomato fertilizer

Tomatoes are grown by more home growers than any other fruit or vegetable. I think homegrown tomatoes have a much better flavor than store-bought tomatoes. With so many people growing tomatoes, there are hundreds if not thousands of tomato fertilizers. You may be wondering, “What is the best tomato fertilizer?” Picking a tomato fertilizer doesn’t … Read more

Homemade Tomato Fertilizer – My Ingredients and Recipes for Every Growth Stage

homemade tomato fertilizer

Homegrown tomatoes taste much better than the bland store-bought version. I have found tomatoes are not hard to grow but do need lots of fertilizer to grow big, juicy tomatoes. You may wonder, “How do I make my own tomato fertilizer?”  There are lots of recipes for homemade tomato fertilizers on the internet. I have … Read more

Can You Plant Broccoli in a Square Foot Garden? (Everything You Need To Know) 

can you plant broccoli in square foot garden

Square-foot gardening is a method of growing a lot of food in a small area. Because so many plants are growing in a square foot garden, they require less maintenance to grow the same amount of food. You may wonder, “Can you plant broccoli in a square-foot garden?”  You may want to grow your own … Read more

Why Are My Cauliflowers Bolting? (Causes, Solution, & How to Prevent!) 

cauliflower bolting

Cauliflower (Brassica oleracea, Botrytis group) is a very popular vegetable to grow. However, it is somewhat temperamental and will bolt if conditions are not just right. Bolting means the flowers in the head begin to separate, and a flower stalk begins to grow.  Cauliflower just produces one head, so if it bolts, you have wasted … Read more

Why is My Broccoli Plant Wilting and Falling Over? (Causes, Solution, & How to Prevent!) 

Why is my broccoli plant wilting?

Broccoli tastes best when it is fresh from the garden. Growing your own is not hard, but sometimes diseases or pests can cause problems. One of these problems is wilting. You may wonder, “Why is my broccoli plant wilting and falling over?”  There are several different reasons broccoli wilts and falls over. This guide will … Read more