Turnip Companion Plants – The 15 Best and 7 Worst Plants

Turnip Companion Plants

Turnips are grown both for their green leaves and for the starchy swelling above the roots. Both the greens and roots are vulnerable to pests. Here are some good companion plants that turnips will grow well with, and some that you should not plant them nearby.  Why Do Turnips Need Companion Plants? Here are some … Read more

When and How to Harvest Turnips?

When to harvest turnips?

Turnips are one of the first cultivated crops in history. Turnips are easy to grow and a good part of a healthy diet. Here is when and how to harvest turnips.  Varieties of Turnips  Turnips can be grown for their greens, their roots, or both. Here are the most common varieties for each use.  For … Read more