Hand Pollinating Cantaloupe: How To Pollinate Cantaloupe?

How to hand pollinating cantaloupe?

Growing cantaloupe at home takes time and effort to be successful, nothing beats the sense of harvesting and eating cantaloupe that you grow yourself. One of the most exciting moments during the cantaloupe growing process is the flowering and pollination stage. After investing a lot of time and effort in growing your cantaloupe from sowing, … Read more

When To Harvest Cantaloupe?

When to harvest cantaloupe?

If you harvest your cantaloupe too early, the fruit will not have its time to build the best taste, sweetness and aroma, but if your cantaloupe overripe, it can be soft and watery, in worst case, the fruit will go bad and you lost your time and effort to grow it in a long time. … Read more

The 6 Cantaloupe Growing Stages

Cantaloupe Growing Stages

Cantaloupe grows on sprawling vines that take up a lot of space in the garden. What does the plant go through between planting and harvest? Here is the answer.  Important Cantaloupe Facts Scientific Name  Cucumis melo var. cantalupensis  Type of plant  annual  Part Eaten  fruit  Days to Harvest  70-100 days  Season Grown  Warm season  Cooked or … Read more

Companion Plants For Cantaloupe – The 15 Best and 5 Worst Plants

Cantaloupe companion plants

Cantaloupes suffer from a lot of insect pests. The right companion plants can help that problem as well as others when planted around cantaloupe.  Why Does Cantaloupe Need Companion Plants? Here are the ways companion plants help cantaloupe.  Repel Insects Plants such as the Alliums and aromatic herbs repel insect pests with their scent. They … Read more