Hardwood Mulch – What Is It And How Do I Use It?

hardwood mulch

Mulch has a number of benefits for the garden. However, you need the right mulch to get the most benefits from it. Here is a guide to when and how to use hardwood mulch.  What Is Hardwood Mulch? Hardwood mulch is the ground-up bark and wood of hardwood trees. It is often a by-product of … Read more

Pine Straw Mulch – What Is It And How Do I Use It?

Pine Straw Mulch

Every Extension service recommends using mulch around trees, shrubs, and in landscape beds.  However, there are so many mulches you may not know which one to choose. This guide discusses pine straw mulch and how and when to use it.  What Is Pine Straw Mulch? Pine straw mulch is made from the needles of Long … Read more

Pine Bark Mulch – What Is It And How Do I Use It?

Pine bark mulch

Research has shown that mulching helps plant health. Each type of mulch has different uses. This guide tells you all about pine bark mulch. What is Pine Bark Mulch? When pine trees are cut for lumber, the branches and bark are removed before the tree is cut into boards. Pine bark mulch is the bark … Read more

Cypress Mulch –What Is It And How Do I Use It?

Cypress Mulch

Research shows that mulch stabilizes soil temperatures and moisture and helps protect from weeds. There are lots of different kinds of mulch, though, so what do you use where? Here is a guide to cypress mulch.  What Is Cypress Mulch? Cypress mulch is the chipped-up trunk and bark of the bald cypress (Taxodium distichum) or pond … Read more

The 23 Best Types of Mulch in 2024

Mulch types

Every plant expert tells you to mulch your plants. There are so many mulches out there; how do you choose? This guide will tell you all about choosing and using mulch.  What Is Mulch? Mulches are used to cover the exposed soil in landscape beds and vegetable gardens and around trees and shrubs.  Advantages and … Read more

The Best Mulch for Tomatoes in 2024

Best Mulch for Tomatoes

Many gardeners consider tomatoes must-have plants. I mean, who doesn’t picture that juicy BLT or a pot of homemade spaghetti sauce when they think of summer? But here’s the scoop: getting those tomatoes to thrive isn’t as simple as sticking them in the ground and crossing your fingers. These plants are a bit high-maintenance. If … Read more

Cedar Mulch in the Garden – Everything You Need to Know

cedar mulch

Mulching your garden can help conserve soil moisture, prevent weed growth, and improve soil structure. And if you choose cedar mulch, you can also enjoy insect-repelling properties and a pleasant aroma. I’m going to introduce you to the benefits and advantages of cedar mulch and also cover how to apply it to your garden. What … Read more

The Best Mulch for Flower Beds

best mulch for flower beds

When you add a small plot of cut flowers to your garden or put in some landscaping to increase your home’s curb appeal, you’re probably looking forward to colorful flowers. But have you thought about the best types of mulch for flower beds? Adding mulch to your flower beds can help conserve moisture, keep weeds … Read more

9 Best Mulch for Vegetable Garden ( My 4 Favorites & Why)

best mulch for vegetable garden

When you think of much, you may envision tidy flower beds surrounded with beautiful layers of brown or red mulch. But mulch also works well for vegetable gardens! Applying mulch to your vegetable garden can make it easier to manage while also increasing the aesthetic appeal. And when it comes time to select a mulch, … Read more