The 5 Broccoli Growing Stages

Broccoli Growing Stages

Broccoli is a cool-season vegetable. It is grown for the unopened flower heads that form a clump at the top of the plant. Some broccolis also have side shoots that grow smaller heads after the primary head is harvested. Important Broccoli Facts Scientific Name  Brassica oleracea var. italica  Type of plant  Biennial, grown as an annual  Part … Read more

Broccoli Companion Plants – The 10 Best and 5 Worst Plants

broccoli companion plants

When you think of plants that go well with broccoli, your mind may jump straight to the kitchen. Maybe you think of combining pungent garlic and stir-fried broccoli to form a crunchy and bright dish. Or perhaps you imagine pairing broccoli florets with another classic cruciferous vegetable: cauliflower. But what about when it comes to … Read more

Can You Plant Broccoli in a Square Foot Garden? (Everything You Need To Know) 

can you plant broccoli in square foot garden

Square-foot gardening is a method of growing a lot of food in a small area. Because so many plants are growing in a square foot garden, they require less maintenance to grow the same amount of food. You may wonder, “Can you plant broccoli in a square-foot garden?”  You may want to grow your own … Read more

Why is My Broccoli Plant Wilting and Falling Over? (Causes, Solution, & How to Prevent!) 

Why is my broccoli plant wilting?

Broccoli tastes best when it is fresh from the garden. Growing your own is not hard, but sometimes diseases or pests can cause problems. One of these problems is wilting. You may wonder, “Why is my broccoli plant wilting and falling over?”  There are several different reasons broccoli wilts and falls over. This guide will … Read more

Why Does My Broccoli Have White Spots? (Causes, Solution, & How to Prevent!)

Why Does My Broccoli Have White Spots?

Broccoli (Brassica oleracea var. italica) is a popular vegetable to grow in home gardens. Broccoli is vulnerable to fungal diseases that cause white spots on the leaves, stem, or head. You may be wondering how to identify white spots on broccoli.  White spots are generally treatable if you know what disease you are dealing with. … Read more

Is Broccoli Frost Tolerant? (Everything You Need To Know)

Is Broccoli Frost Tolerant?

Broccoli (Brassica oleracea var. Botrytis) is considered a cool-season crop. In the spring, broccoli is frequently planted before the average date of the first frost, especially in climates with hot summers. In the fall, broccoli produces best when temperatures cool. You may wonder if broccoli is frost tolerant. Broccoli plants can tolerate periods of cold … Read more

Does Broccoli Die After Harvest? (Everything You  Need To Know)

does broccoli die after harvest?

Broccoli (Brassica oleracea var. Botrytis) is a great-tasting vegetable. The part we eat is the tightly closed head of the broccoli’s flower cluster. Does the plant die after you harvest the center head? Many types of broccoli have more than one flower cluster. Here is what you need to know to make that happen. Does … Read more