Can You Use Sevin on Tomato Plants? (with How to Use)

Tomatoes are delicious. Unfortunately, many pests like to eat tomato plants and tomatoes. These pests can make it hard to get vine-ripened tomatoes from your plants. To get rid of these pests, you may wonder, “Can you use Sevin on Tomato Plants?” 

Sevin® is a pesticide with the active ingredient carbaryl. Bayer produces several forms of Sevin® for use on tomato plants. 

Can You Use Sevin® on Tomato Plants?

Yes, you can use Sevin® on tomato plants. Sevin® is a broad-spectrum pesticide with good residual value. Sevin® kills most pests that bother tomato plants or tomatoes. However, Sevin® does kill beneficial insects and will need to be reapplied after rain.

Why Use Sevin® on Tomato Plants?

Sevin® is used to kill many insect pests on tomato plants and tomatoes. This pesticide is used because the label allows it to be used up to one day before harvesting, depending on the product chosen. In addition, Sevin® stays on the plant for up to four weeks, depending on the form of the product you apply, so you do not have to keep reapplying. 

Is it Safe to Use Sevin® on Tomato Plants?

Sevin® is considered safe if applied according to the label directions. This pesticide is a potent neurotoxin that kills insects by disrupting their nervous system. Higher concentrations of Sevin® can cause illness in humans and animals. You must wait until the Sevin® dries before handling tomato plants or tomatoes treated with Sevin®. You must wait for one to seven days after applying Sevin® to harvest tomatoes and wash your hands and the tomatoes after harvest. 

Sevin® kills all insects, including pollinators, who eat or get it on them.  

Best Types of Sevin® for Tomato Plants

Any Sevin® formulated for tomato plants will work to control pests on your tomato plants. However, ready-to-use products are probably the easiest to use. 

How Do I Use Sevin® on Tomato Plants?

Sevin® comes in several forms. Here are the instructions for using each on your tomato plants according to the label directions. 

Liquid Concentrate

Concentrates are less expensive per application than ready-to-spray formulations of Sevin®. However, this formulation does take more preparation to use.  

  1. Shake up the concentrate with the lid firmly on the container. 
  2. Remove the lid. 
  3. Pour 1.5 ounces of the concentrate into one gallon of water. 
  4. Replace the lid on the product. 
  5. Stir the water solution well to distribute the concentrate throughout the water. 
  6. Spray the tomato plant with enough mixture to wet the entire plant. 
  7. Use up all the solution on the same day you mix it. 
  8. Do not pour the unused solution into drains or hard surfaces like sidewalks. 
  9. Wash the container out with soap and pour the soapy water on the ground, not down the drain or on a hard surface. 
  10. Wait three days before harvesting any tomatoes. 
  11. Do not apply Sevin® more than seven times per season. 


The dust form of Sevin® is easy to use and does not require any mixing to apply.  

  1. Shake a thin layer of dust on the tomato plant’s leaves, stems, flowers, and fruit.  
  2. Make sure you coat the underside of the leaves as well as the top. 
  3. You must wait at least ten days before reapplying the dust. 
  4. Wait one day before harvesting the tomatoes. 
  5. Do not apply the dust more than four times a season. 

Ready-To-Use Product

Spraying ready-to-use of Sevin® products couldn’t be easier. 

  1. Shake the container with the nozzle in the off position. 
  2. Turn the nozzle to the on and fan position. 
  3. Hold the nozzle one foot from the tomato plant. 
  4. Spray the tomato leaves, stems, flowers, and tomatoes. 
  5. Be sure to coat all parts of the tomato plant, including the underside of the leaves. 
  6. Turn the nozzle to off when you are finished using the product. 
  7. Wait five days before harvesting the tomatoes. 
  8. Do not use it more than nine times in a season. 

How Long After Applying Sevin® Can I Water Tomato Plants?

You should wait until the spray is dry before watering plants.

When Do I use Sevin® on Tomato Plants?

Spray Sevin® at the first sign of pests on your tomato plants. Use the product in the evening when bees are not present. You can use Sevin® at any stage of growth of the tomato plant.  

How Often Can I Use Sevin® on Tomato Plants?

For the dust, you must wait at least ten days after you have treated your plants before using it again. In addition, you cannot use the Sevin® dust more than four times a season. 

The Sevin® concentrate and spray do not specify how long you must wait before reapplying. However, you can apply the pesticide no more than seven times a season from concentrate or nine times a season from the ready-to-use spray.  

How Do I Safely Wash Tomatoes with Sevin® on Them?

How Do I Safely Wash Tomatoes with Sevin on Them?

The best way to wash Sevin® off tomatoes is to hold the tomato under running water and softly rub the skin. You can use a fruit and vegetable washing soap if you wish, but do not use regular soap or bleach as this can make you sick. 

Common Mistakes When Using Sevin® on Tomato Plants

Here are some common mistakes people make when using Sevin® on tomato plants. 

  • Using too much Sevin® — apply the spray until the plant is wet, but not so much that it runs off when it hits the ground. 
  • Not getting the Sevin® on the underside of the leaves – the insect has to eat or crawl on the pesticide for it to kill them. 
  • Applying Sevin® too close to rain – since Sevin® stays on the plant’s surface, the rain will wash it off. Sevin® is gradually washed off over several rain events once it is dry but will completely wash off while still wet. 
  • Getting the plant wet when watering – water washes the Sevin® off the plant gradually but will wash it off immediately if the pesticide is still wet. 
  • Applying too often – there are limits to how many times you can apply Sevin® per season. 
  • Waiting too late to use – use Sevin® when the first signs of pests appear for best results. 

Safety Precautions When Using Sevin®

Sevin® is absorbed through the skin, so you must keep it off your skin as much as possible. When applying Sevin®, you must wear long pants, a long-sleeved shirt, closed-toed shoes, and waterproof gloves. Keep pets and children away from the area until the Sevin® has dried, if using a spray. Do not let children or pets touch or eat the treated tomato plant. Always wash the tomato before eating it.

Environmental Concerns About Sevin®

Sevin® is a broad-spectrum pesticide that kills all insects, spiders, and mites. Sevin® kills bees, butterflies, and other beneficial insects. In addition, Sevin® is poisonous to fish and different aquatic life and cannot be used where it might run off into the water.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Sevin® kill tomato worms?

Yes, Sevin® will kill tomato worms. 

Will Sevin® kill aphids on tomatoes?

Yes, Sevin® will kill aphids. 

Can calcium be mixed with Sevin® for tomatoes?

No, do not mix anything with Sevin® when applying it. 

In summary, Sevin® can be used on tomato plants to kill a wide variety of pests. In addition, if used according to the label, Sevin® is safe for people.

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